Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Photo A Day - Your Name

When I married Scott, I kept my maiden name. There's nothing wrong with Scott's name except that it isn't my name. I was adamant that the only thing that was truly mine, that belonged to no one else in the world, was my name. No one could take it from me. It was my unique identification.

I have not changed my opinion on that. I still firmly believe that my name is mine alone. Although both girls have my husband's last name, I have passed my belief onto to my them unwittingly. When they speak of their futures and their potential husbands and children (I cringe every time they do this) they use their last name for their children. Maybe it's a result of not knowing who their husbands will be. Maybe it is a result of my opinion. Regardless of the reason, they are equally adamant that their name will remain their own.

Over the years, I have learned that it isn't just my birth name that is mine, I actually own quite a number of names all of which I am proud to have. The one that gives me the greatest pleasure though is Mommy.

For today's theme, I decided to get a bit creative with my many names and create my own word cloud. If you haven't ever seen one (where have you been?) you can find them here or here. I didn't want to have a computer create mine for me especially when I have so many craft supplies, so I made my by hand.

This shot is a raw one. I had just finished it and set it on my black ottoman.

This one I put it in a goldenrod painted frame that I had planned for another project. I doubt very much I'll keep it in this. I think it needs a less yellow frame.

This one is the same as the color one above but while I was playing around with my edit buttons (I don't have photoshop so I just use the MS Windows photo tools) and I really loved the extreme contrast in the b&w.


  1. Loved this, Heather, it's a FABULOUS idea! I think it's empowering for women--and I'll bet you'll have plenty of women following suit after seeing this and creating their own word cloud/name boards.

    I love drawing, painting, and making collages and fill my spare time doing all sorts of crafty things. I do enjoy having a special "reason" behind each of my projects--something positive so I am always reminded of that positive thought/feeling when I look at the item later.

    As for women keeping their maiden names--my daughter is adamant about doing that when she marries. :)

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for the positive feedback! It is really ego-building to have someone you admire think something you did was fabulous!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sometimes I really struggle with the whole "creative" thing. I am my own worst critic when it comes to my craft projects, so it is really appreciated when I compliments!

  3. That's so cool. Did you create this just because of the challenge? Regardless, this is a brilliant way to interpret this days challenge. Well done.
    If I were to steal this idea (and I won't because I'm lazy) I would have to make a collage of "drunkard, weirdo, demented, soon-to-be-incarcerated, monkey kidnapper, denier of monkey kidnapping, judge fellatiator, word-maker-upper, getting sleepy because of booze-erator, appreciative of your....

    1. Yes. I made it for the challenge. I really think you ought to do this too. I would love to see that! Notice how I used "mom" a lot. I bet the one you would use a lot would be "monkey kidnapper."

      You seem the type, you know?