Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Photo A Day - 5 PM

We have a rule in our house - one of the few that is strictly enforced - No drinking before 5pm. We aren't big drinkers and I, with my lack of gallbladder, can't really process alcohol like I once used to. That being said, we actually have a fairly hefty liquor cabinet (in the loosest definition of "cabinet"). We keep what we need to make a few mixed drinks and occasional shots.

I mentioned that my "cabinet" was a loose interpretation, right?

Ignore that dust. Seriously how am I supposed to know there is dust on TOP of the refrigerator? I can't even reach up there!

One of my favorite shots - a grasshopper floater.

So pretty! And such a beautiful green!

Yum. And warm! Oh I like 5 o'clock!


  1. That is an interesting 5PM theme :)

    1. Thanks Ruby. I wasn't sure if I was going to do a dinner shot or what but these photos were fun!

  2. You keep your beer outside of the fridge? Blasphemy.
    I'm just lashing out because I'm jealous of the fullness of your collection. Really liking your photo-a-days.

    1. It's okay. That beer is out of date. I just keep it because I think the baby cans are cute. I actually don't even drink beer. If I'm gonna drink it's going to be the good stuff!