Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Photo A Day - Someone you talked to today

Over the course of today, I have probably talked to over three hundred people. No joke. Cyra and I had a 4 hour cookie booth and we worked it! But aside from my girls, the two people I really, really talked to today happen to be two of my favorite people.
Scott supervising his favorite part of yard work - the burn barrel!

Sara, with her meticulous attention to detail, frosting our Thin Mint cupcakes.


  1. Sara's rocking that frosting. Like the various styles.
    By the way, I was supposed to give out those blog awards to people, but decided that you, being the funniest commentor I've ever had, deserves all the awards. All of them. They're yours. Take them.

    1. I am honored by your awards, Pickleope. Truly. Crap...does this mean I have to be funny all the time? That's a lot of pressure, man.