Monday, March 5, 2012

March Photo A Day - A Smile + I Made It Monday (It's a two for one deal)

Well now here's the thing... Although I have on occasion posted a few photos of myself or my family, I have the great tendency to not want to. The internet being what it is and all. Call me paranoid (maybe I am - I am a prepper after all) but I just don't feel comfortable with plastering personal photos up everywhere. So instead of a person's smile, I offer you today a bunch of random faces from around my house. Two of these also fall into the "I Made It Monday" category so...two birds and one stone!

My nephew gave me this Tiki vase a while back and something about it just always makes me smile!

Meet Rupert out Elf On A Shelf. Seems he likes to hang around long past Christmas time. But I'm okay with that.

I picked this up from B&N on clearance right after Halloween and gave a matching set to Scott for Christmas.

Every few days or so I create a new "inator." Sometimes it is about my mood, sometimes it is about dinner.

I am not 100% sure where this came from, but it was a sticker I made into a magnet and it holds a place of respect and dignity among my other refrigerator magnets.

This is the beginning of a new project...shhh...don't tell! It is top secret! It's also kind of creepy right now.

My first attempt at an octopus following Ana Paula's pattern. I got mad because I kept messing up the legs so I gave up and turned it into a angry head.


  1. I was planning something on similar lines. But I did not see through my original idea. Of your pics, I like the elf on the shelf and mood-o-meter the best.

    1. I love the elf photo too! I came out exactly as I was hoping - fanciful and just a little bit creepy! The mood-o-meter gets lots of eye rolls and choruses of "Really, Mommy?" from my girls. They like to pretend I embarrass them but they look at the fridge eagerly every morning to see if I've changed it.

  2. Will you PLeeesee get rid of that creepy elf!!!!!