Monday, March 12, 2012

March Photo A Day - Fork

True story.

When I was in high school the seniors got to put a Senior Will under their portraits in the yearbook. My friends and I were big Star Wars geeks. Well, I was a geek regardless of Star Wars. In my will I left a geeky "Use the Force" to one of my buddies. The yearbook people, clearly unable to read my very poor penmanship, translated my chicken scratch to "Use the Forks."

And I am pleased to announce, that I do. Use the Forks. Everyday. The Forks is strong in my family.  My father uses it, my mother too. In fact, I used it just this morning when I had pancakes.


  1. I LOVE this story.

    My friend worked with a fella who didn't speak great English so instead of saying "sh**" when he dropped something, he said, "chips!" So now whenever I trip, or drop some groceries I yell, "Awwwwww chiiiiiips!" And no one else gets it unless I'm with the friend who worked with that guy, and I laugh hysterically every time.

  2. oh man! I laughed out loud so hard at this! Simply awesome.