Blogging A to Z

I figured I'd give this whole "pages" thing a try and what better way then to start out with a page dedicated to the Blogging A to Z Challenge. 2012 was the first year I participated and I loved it enough to sign up for the craziness again!

2013 A to Z Posts:

For my 2013 Blogging A to Z Challenge I focused on old-fashioned slang that I thought we would start using again. Words and phrases that I can recall my grandmothers and mom using and a few that I still use myself.

A is for Applesauce
B is for Boondoggle
C is for Canoodle
D is for Duck Soup
E is for Egad
F is for Fink and Floozy
G is for Grody and Gag Me
H is for Heebie Jeebie
I is for Itchy Feet
J is for Jalopy
K is for Kibosh and Kosher
L is for Louse
M is for Malarkey
N is for Nobby
O is for Out to Lunch
P is for Put a Bee in Your Bonnet
Q is for Quack
R is for Rugrat
S is for Scadoodle
T is for Thingamabob and Thingamajig
U is for Unmentionables
V is for Vamoose
W is for Wicked
X is for X-tremely Naughty Slang
Y is for Yokel
Z is for Zooted and Zozzled

2012 A to Z Posts:

In my first attempt of the Blogging A to Z Challenge my posts were linked through the general theme of: Favorite Memories.

A is for Abbeysmut
B is for Backroads
C is for Crabbing
D is for Deer Leg
E is for E.T.
F is for Flagler and Face
G is for Gamer
H is for Hurricane
I is for Impulsive
J is for Juggling
K is for Kentucky Derby
L is for Lobster Bisque
M is for Mr. Man and Major Bear
N is for Names
O is for Ocean
P is for Photographs
Q is for Quilts
R is for Recall
S is for Snakes
T is for Three-Fingered Willy
U is for UFOs
V is for Velcro
W is for Wishes
X is for X-Ray
Y is for Yellow
Z is for Zombies

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