Friday, March 2, 2012

March Photo A Day - Fruit

I wanted to take a few photos in the grocery store as I was shopping. The fruits were so shiny and delicious looking, especially the exotic tropical fruits. But I felt kind of...weird whipping out my camera in the store. I suppose it wouldn't seem so odd if I had a MacGyver Swiss Army Phone then could have been all on the down low and surreptitious.

Once I got home, I couldn't just take one photo.

Ignore the potatoes. They're just jealous of all the fruit.

Jelly Beans count as fruit, right? I mean they are fruit flavored. That has to count for something!


  1. I love taking pictures of my fruits and veggies too. Mostly because I'm in love with my fruit bowl, and having a ton of veggies makes me feel healthy.

    I like potatoes a little too much. But I bought a 7 lb. bag beginning of February, and have only eaten 2 potatoes out of it, so that's pretty good. I will make up for that tomorrow night with a huge portion of garlic cheese mashed potatoes!

    1. Garlic cheese potatoes sound divine! I'm more towards the fruit than the veggies. I keep staples (carrots, celery, onions) in the fridge, but most veggies, unless I use them the day I buy them end up going bad.

  2. How many people do you have living with you that you don't fear all that produce going bad? I live in mortal fear of the two apples I buy going bad before I have a chance to enjoy their sweet nectar.
    Also, I love the juxtaposition of the jellybeans.

    1. Only four...gazillion! Seriously though, my girls and I will have it all consumed by the end of next week. Bananas are the first casualty and are usually gone by the end of the second day. The apples and oranges go into lunch boxes daily. The lemons are usually used for lemonade (although I had a plan to make some lemon curd).

      And oh the pineapple. This one was very under-ripe so I have a few days for it. But once it is, I make a lovely pineapple-apple sauce that goes well on ice cream and in yogurt! The strawberries are a treat this week as they are the most perishable of the lot. I planned to mix them in with yogurt and/or the lemon curd.

      The can't see it in the pictures, but they are starting to grow. I've been into rice lately for our the potatoes are completely neglected.

      The jelly beans? Already half gone. I know why I keep them out in the kitchen. If I kept them on my desk (a la Reagan) they would be gone in about 15 minutes.