Monday, May 28, 2012

People Love Me...

...and I feel like a complete heel.

So blog awards have been floating around and I've actually been tagged by a number of people and I never properly responded. So today, I'm acknowledging the love and giving it back. Sorry it took me so long.

First, way back when, Pickleope tagged me with a trio of awards, the Liebster, Kreativ Blogger and a quiz. I started off strong and then promptly got swept up in the Photo a Day and A to Z challenges. I was supposed to also tag others and list ten things about myself that were super top secret. Pickleope is one of my earliest followers and consistently makes me giggle and you should visit if you haven't yet. Plus, I think I might have inadvertently caused Pickleope to have arachnophobia and snort milk out of her nose once (do pickles even have noses?) so I sort of feel bad.

Then Ruby at Whispering Thoughts and Fuchsia Vision tagged my with a Liebster which I never properly acknowledged. Whispering Thoughts is a sweet blog and Ruby posts short stories there - often participating in Trifecta challenges. On Fuchsia Vision Ruby posts a lot of great photos! She is one of my early followers and always make such positive comments. I am a little concerned for her though...she once mentioned she had a monkey problem in her garden! And I was worried about aphids and pickleworms!

Melanie at Sporkin' On Down The Road gave me a Liebster too. She has fast become one of my blogger BFFs and if she lived in Florida or I lived in California we would totally hang out and she would cook fabulous food for me (not that I can't cook fabulous food. I do. Often. But she totally has an adventurous side to her food of which I am in awe). Plus she sent The Girls and me some radical wallets. Just Because! Who does things like that anymore? Her blog is very down to earth, honest and funny.

Finally, just the other day, Ken at ken-inatractor sent a Kreativ Blogger my way. Ken, a Canadian farmer who likes killing moose (or at least likes taking credit for moose slaying) and picking rocks, has quickly become on of my favorites. His posts are sometimes sweet, sometimes quirky all the time well written and awesome! And he once promised that he would ask his wife if they needed an Underwife (because I want to be a farmer's wife and Scott doesn't seem too interested in becoming a farmer) but I never heard back from him on that...odd, right?

So first up the Liebster.  

Liebster is the German word for beloved / dear / favorite. the Liebster Blog Award is "passed from one blog to another to honor smaller blogs (those with less than 200 followers) that deserve recognition for their fabulous blogging abilities."

The rules: 
Thank your Liebster award presenter on your blog.
Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
Reveal your five picks.
Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Okey Dokey.

I did the link backs above, so a big thank you to Pickleope, Ruby and Melanie. You guys are great! Fantastic even! And I really appreciate the recognition (despite the fact that it took me a bit to actually acknowledge the recognition).

And for the Kreativ Blogger:

The Rules
Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
Answer seven questions. (Note - When Pickleope gave me this award there were different questions which I did answer here)
Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.

 Again, the link backs are above so a huge thanks to Pickleope and Ken for sending me an award!

The Seven Questions:

#1. What is your favorite song?
 I really don't have a favorite favorite song. I cycle through. I have a terrible fondness for 80s Monster Ballads and Rodgers and Hammerstein Musicals.
#2.  What's your favorite desert?
This is an unfair question that is probably a trick question designed to make me reveal a weakness! But I don't have any weaknesses unless you count tapioca, cake, custard, frozen yogurt, cookies, cupcakes, truffles...anything with sugar or chocolate or caramel or... Is it any wonder why I need to lose weight? Nope. It really isn't. 

#3. What do you do when you are upset?
It depends on what you mean by upset? A pissed off upset sends me to my room or as far away from the cause as possible. I am non confrontational and do not like to fight because I start to cry. Am I upset because I broke my favorite mug? I yell. Loudly. And curse without any profanity. Am I upset because Florida drivers give me road rage? I seethe and fume until I erupt (regardless of who is in the car) with sailor talk the likes of which should only ever be said on the docks.

#4. Which is your favorite pet?
Currently or ever? Currently, it would be Zoe because she is such a cat, but rarely has hairballs like her sister Simone, and she is never freaked out by everything like Junie. In fact Junie is probably my least favorite pet although she has taught me a valuable lesson: I should never own dogs. EVER!! My all time favorite pet was Precious, a beautiful grey cat we had while I was growing up. Or Abraham, a pit bull that had a heart of pure and solid gold! Or maybe Buddy my turtle. Man! This question is like asking me which kid is my favorite!!

#5. Which do you prefer, White or Whole Wheat?
I like both. Seriously. Weird, right? But yeah. Breads of all types are equally loved in my house. 

#6. What is your biggest fear?
Sharks. Zombies. Aliens. Bigfoot. The Dark. Growing Up.

#7. What is your attitude mostly?
I try my hardest to always have a good attitude. I try to look on the bright side and try to not let little things bug me.

Ten Super Secret Facts (but don't tell anyone! Okay?)

  1. I’ve come close to death twice. The first time brought me one of my greatest joys: Ashleigh. The second time was far less pleasant.
  2. When I sit, I curl my toes under my feet instead of having my feet flat on the ground.
  3. I joke about it, but I really am terrified of aliens. The idealist in me hopes that if aliens came here they’d be benevolent like E.T. or Vulcans. But it is more probable that they’d be out to conquer and destroy.
  4. My favorite painting is Flaming June by Frederick Lord Leighton.
  5. I cry every. single. time. I watch Lilo and Stitch because I love my sister.
  6. I am so terrified of becoming a hoarder I throw things out and donate stuff all the time.
  7. I used to bite my nails but I stopped and now when I am nervous or upset, I pick at my cuticles. Sometimes until they bleed.
  8. I only swim in the ocean when there are plenty of other swimmers and surfers in the water because I figure my odds of getting bitten by a shark are greatly reduced.
  9. I spent three plus years working to save enough tickets at an arcade with my dad to get a stuffed 20 foot long pink snake. I slept with it curled around my bed for years until I outgrew stuffed animals and it ended up in the basement being used as a home for mice.
  10. I was six credits shy from earning a double BA when the financial office met with me and informed me that I had exceeded my lifetime Stafford Loan limit and I had to graduate or come up with my own money to continue.
Bonus Facts: I can recite The Jabberwocky from memory, my favorite class in college was Milton and I have never, ever had a leech attached to me for any reason at all.

And these are the cool bloggers I am tagging for both awards:

Meg at Tales of a Half Crazed Housewife
KC at The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit
Charlie at The Semi-Retired Gamer
Valerie at Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi
Jamie at Awakenings and Reflections
Carly at A Sewcial Life 

And finally Sara at A Bend in the Road 

If giving blog awards is like tag then it means there are no tag backs. Stupid rules. But even so, I also think Pickleope, Ruby, Melanie and Ken deserve lots of love so go visit them too!


  1. All of these were very much deserved. I adore you. :)

    I don't shower people with weenies unless I adore them. I'm no whore.

    1. Weenie shower.


  2. Very well done! I appreciate the tag for both awards and I will play along also. Fair warning - I am a known procrastinator so it may take a day or two (hell, a week?) but it WILL get

    1. Pickleope awarded me those back in...March? Yeah. So. Take your time. No pressure.

  3. Hell yeah Pickleope's have noses. It's as plain as the antlers on my head. (I realize I may have lost my mind writing those two sentences. Completely indefensible in court. "Uh, your honor, a Pickleope is a cross between a pickle and an ante...y'know what, just take me to jail.) And yes, you absolutely gave me arachnophobia...or maybe just heightened it.
    I love that the awards have each changed logos since you were awarded them.
    None the less, great answers and facts. That painting I had to look up, but it's beautiful. And I'm with you on facts 6-8.
    Thank you for all the kind words. You know I'm a big fan.

    1. So in addition to exasperating you arachnophobia, I have also caused you to lose your mind because I wasn't sure whether you had a nose. Crap. I am like the worst blogger friend ever.

      Is there an award for that?

  4. How fantastic!! Thank you so! :o) I promise to get on this asap.



    1. I think you deserve it! Your posts make me laugh! Far more than I'll admit to. :)

  5. Thank you Heather. It definitely is a heartening and pleasing link - back. Thank you for participating and making it an enjoyable post altogether. Yes, monkeys are a menace we all have learnt to cope with. Thanks for the concern. And again, the facts and the secrets - it is good to be able to know more about you. Keep posting for I love reading all your posts (even though I do not get to comment on all of them these days). Warmest regards,

    1. Your welcome, Ruby. And again, thank you for the recognition. I'm with you on the commenting right now. I'm reading! But commenting...I am seriously lacking at that!

  6. Thank you Heather! I love reading your answers...I always think these random facts are interesting. They've been packing out our house for our move, so I've fallen behind on blog reading. I will update mine with answers ASAP...which in my world means, I hope to before June gets here in a few days. ;)

    1. I know you're busy with the move...but what half crazed woman doesn't like additional responsibilities thrown at them when they are all ready busy?

      See? I'm helping!!

      I wonder if there is an award for that?!?!

  7. Well deserved!!! Way to go! And I like the idea of a Weenie Award...who's up for starting that one circulating!?


    1. OMG I need a Weenie Award! If I could draw I would make one myself. But I stink at drawing.

      HMM... who do I know that can draw... Super Earthling can draw. Mayor Gia can draw...


  8. The Older BrotherMay 30, 2012 at 4:59 PM

    What about the time you fell into the pool and nearly drowned, saved only by the brave and heroic actions of your eldest brother?

    Precious was my favorite cat (not pet). Mostly because she would bring home small raccoons as play things...

    1. As I mentioned, I have no recollection of that event... maybe I blocked it out. Regardless, it is good to know that I have a heroic and brave older brother who will jump in to save me.

      It is interesting to note that one brother saved me from the pool and the other saved me from bees by throwing my into the pool. :)

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out! What a nice surprise after taking a little break from blogging.

    1. You are very welcome! I hope you had a nice blogging break!