Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pickleworms?!?! WTF!

So remember how braggy I was the other day about my awesome garden? I was all conceited and proud.

Oh how I have fallen.

My beautiful cucumbers are gone. So very. very. gone. Because of a stupid moth and its offspring! Remember that scene in Wrath of Khan where Kirk screams "KHAAAAANNNNN!"

Yeah. That's how I feel right now. Thwarted by a stupid moth. And BABIES!

All the sites and books pretty much say the same thing - once infested there goes your crop!

That is grody.

Many of the vines and all of the fruit had this inside.

My friends, The Pickleworm!

This one, and the one behind it I had hope for when I first spotted them! Oh how my idealism has fallen!

All those little green pellets? POOP!!! Not only did they eat my cucumbers, they pooped in them!


  1. I know that movie:
    From Hell's heart, i stab at thee. For hate's sake, i spit my last breath at thee. To the last, i will grapple with thee.

    ......which somewhat pertains here?

    1. Absolutely pertains here!! Wretched things!!

  2. This is my worst nightmare. Worms that feast upon pickles? It's like a horror movie.

    1. You know, at first when I discovered the name of the foul things, I wondered if maybe I had offended you some how and you sent them here as a blight upon me...but then I realized that you are too cool and too worried about dolphin rape to get all up arms about me and my cucumbers!

      And really, the photos do not capture just how disgusting the whole thing is!!

  3. Mmmm, pickleworm poop. I seriously thought of pickleope when I read this. "Don't eat her!!!!" haha.

    I am planning on starting a garden within the next year or so. I am not looking forward to all the little critters who attempt to thwart my efforts. Not to mention there are a ton of squirrels in my neighborhood.

    1. You know, the squirrels have left the veggies was all my flower seeds and bulbs that they got into. I read that it is one of those, "you can't ever beat them so you might as well buy a huge bag of feed and leave out some water for the darn things and then maybe, just maybe, they'll leave the garden alone" things.

      And it worked for about three days...and then I ran out of squirrel food.

  4. This is sad. For us the bigger menace is that of monkeys. They do not let any plant stay planted.

    1. I am really distressed that you have a MONKEY problem! No wait! You don't have a problem - you have a monkey MENACE! Where on earth do you live that you have to fight monkeys out of your garden!! Seriously worried about you now!

      And on the news a month or so back, there was a sighting of a monkey nearby! Florida is not supposed to have monkeys!! Is this something I need to worry about? Holy Moly!!