Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mail Box Hazards

So, I had a letter to pop in the mail box today. No problems. Looks like I forgot to check the mail yesterday. No problems.

Then this happens. Two feet from my head. Thank goodness I have an awesome DEX score and made my Perception check!

Why yes! That is a 20+ foot long branch from a mass murdering pine tree!

Apparently it no longer wished to be committed to the tree.

I couldn't quite get my hands around it.
I am never checking the mail again. Plus now I need to add pine trees to my ever growing list of fears!


  1. Bah! Where I live the city trims trees. Seems like that one may have been diseased or dry to snap like that. I just paid a high price to have three trees on my property taken care of. I still wake up to weird heavy limbs in the middle of my yard. Better than them hitting my roof. That is frightening!

    Your package should arrive Thursday or so. Hopefully, you don't get killed retrieving it. I am like a little ray of effing sunshine!

    1. I'm not sure if the city would trim the trees on the property...but after my near death experience I started taking a good look at those vicious pines and I think a lot of them need to go. But you didn't hear that from me...man! they are just lurking outside the window!!

  2. So, would that be considered spam or a virus, in tratitional mail terms?
    Glad you made it back alive. :)

    1. I think premeditated aggressive assault falls under...You know? I'm not sure! Stupid trees!