Monday, May 28, 2012

I Made It Monday

For this week's project, I was inspired by Carly over at A Sewcial Life. One of the few crafty bloggers I follow, her crafts are very folk artsy and whimsical. Recently, she posted about a summer scarf she made with this fantastic fabric she bought in India. I love scarfs but as a winter necessity. I had never considered them to be summer accessory.

In any case, in an attempt to utilize my excessive stash of yarn, I decided to make a summer scarf out of a light weight 100% mercerized cotton. I choose an open weave/mesh pattern called "honeycomb." It was a relatively quick project and I probably spent about two hours on it over the course of a few days.


  1. you must have serious patients! That looks so intricate! It's beautiful too :) And thanks so much for the award.

    1. Thanks. It was actually rather fun to make. It looks all complicated but it isn't. Actually, as I was making it, it kind of reminded me of a fish net.

      And you are very welcome!

  2. I love this summer scarf. Great idea. Would like to work on it myself.