Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Photos

Recently, one of the churches in town hosted a carnival. Not realizing how ridiculously expensive carnivals now are, we went. Not much has changed at carnivals since I was a kid. Creepy toothless carnies trying to convince you to play a game, deep fried everything, crowds and of course, rides. Rides that spin you in circles so fast it makes you feel like your head will pop off and your stomach will forcibly rip through your abdomen to save itself...

Rides that I will not ride.

Like teacups...only cuter, right?
As much as I love pirate ships...nope! Not going anywhere near it.
Sure, I want to be spun around while nearly upside down!
I am not even going to discuss the aptly named Zipper. I wouldn't ride it when I was a teenager no way would I ride it now!
This looks innocent enough. Like a giant swing, that flings you in a circle 100 feet above the ground.
The girls went on this mini roller coaster like ride. Go forward in a circle very fast and then go backwards...even faster.
There is a reason why the DOT strongly recommends NOT getting into head-on collisions. But sure, lets make a ride out of CAR CRASHES!! The girls went on this one too. After the first ride, neither of them wanted to go on another ride that spun them in circles.
Ah. The iconic Ferris wheel. So very....circular...
If you hadn't already guessed, I get motion sickness so easily that watching these rides made me queasy.


  1. I'm not a big ride person. They seem to make the contents of my stomach want to come out. sigh.
    My kid went on the zipper once. His shoe came off and he spent the entire ride being pelted by it, as it flew about the cabin....ya....good times! :)

    1. I'm right there with you. It's why I can never live out my dreams of pirating and instead turned to wanting to be a farmer.

  2. I freaking love carnivals. I freaking love carnies. I can't wait for the state fair this year so I can go on a ride, then quickly remember in my old age I can't handle the rides and get violently ill!

    1. Good luck with that!! I've never been able to handle it so I was always the friend that waited in line with everyone and then held their stuff while they went on the rides. I was completely okay with that!

  3. I'm with you. Seeing the people who operate the rides, or worse, smelling them, who can feel safe on one of those swings hurling you around 100 feet up? And I too get motion sick.
    But I love bumper cars. Maybe it's because I resist the urge to smash into the backs of cars every day and this is a good outlet?
    The black and white you chose to use made these seem both retro and more menacing.

  4. Hi Heather, I'm passing a Kreativ Blogger award onto you, Stop by my newest post for the details. :)