Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kentucky Derby 2012

Derby Day 2012. A bittersweet day. I was hoping to spend the day with Sara. But she is still up north with her husband's family. And, despite my best efforts, the fixings for the Hot Browns, Corn Pudding, Mint Juleps and the Run for the Roses pie was just not in the grocery budget this week. Oh well. Leftovers are fine, too. 

The girls and I have picked out horses. Ashleigh is placing her money (if she had money) on Daddy Long Legs and Take Charge Indy. Cyra is going for Sabercat and Daddy Nose Best.

Once again and for the record - not that it matters since it's not like I'm betting on the race or anything - my pick for the win is Creative Cause. As I've mentioned, here and here and here, I pick my horses based on color and name. I favor grey horses, possibly because there is usually only one running in the Derby and they are easy to spot in the crowd. Or maybe I just think they are pretty. Which they are.

This year a white horse, Hansen, is running too. Although I don't like the name, I'd bet (if I did bet) that Hansen will place.

We'll see.


  1. I just saw the horses for the first time, and I KNEW you'd pick Hansen. ;) I'm liking Gemologist, but then I love an unbeaten horse that's not the favorite.

    1. And by "Hansen," I meant "Creative Cause." Yeesh. Blame it on the remnants of this illness I've got. Still fighting it off, so no delicious Derby treats for me this year. I couldn't even look at a Hot Brown, much less eat one. We'll have to have a Belated Derby Day when I get back to Florida.

  2. Well, no wins this year. But is was fun regardless. Favorite part? Ashleigh telling me, "One day Mommy when I'm rich and famous we'll go to the Derby for real and wear AMAZING hats!"