Thursday, February 23, 2012

Upcoming Posts

All around the blogs are monthly challenges and writing prompts. I've done one or two of the writing prompts (my two favorite sites for prompts right now are Write on Edge and Trifecta), but I've never stepped into a monthly challenge. That all changes next month. I've decided to participate in a Photo-A-Day challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim in March and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.

So far (by that I mean since the last week of January), I've been really good about posting daily and I've enjoyed it a lot. But the past week or so I've been getting a bit...meh about my topics. I'm struggling with words. A daily fight is not what I have in mind every morning when I wake up. So while I've been reading the prompts and posts on Trifecta and Write on Edge, I haven't been participating. One of my goals for 2012 was to up the ante on my blog. Post more. Post often. Post post post. But I also said I didn't want it turning into a chore and this week. That's what it has felt like.

I think a photo challenge will be a nice change of pace and put me in the mood for the A to Z writing challenge the following month.


  1. Totally understand the feeling of it turning into a chore. You shouldn't be obligated to post every day.
    By the way, your comment today (Friday) on my blog made me laugh hysterically. So good.

    1. Thanks! Knowing I made you laugh makes my day!! Especially as you make me laugh all the time!