Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Photo

Much as I dislike living in Florida (too hot, too humid, too flat, too...Florida-ish) I love the history and attractions that are practically in my back yard. This week I give you one of my favorite places: The Castillo de San Marcos.

The main gate.

Detail on one of the cannons.

The Castillo was occupied by Spanish, British and American forces during its history. These are a recreation of the British quarters.

Looking down into the moat-ish area facing the inlet. The oven was used to heat up cannon balls.

Looking out over the inlet and out further to the Atlantic.

The view looking over the town. The tow towers are Flagler College and the dome is the Presbyterian Church

Another cannon. Cyra loves sticking her head inside of them.


Reenactors reenacting.

The Castillo has seen better days. Large cracks like this one pepper the entire structure.

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