Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Photos

One of the things I've loved learning since leaving my job is the art of bread making. I think I'm getting pretty good at it - my husband certainly never complains when he comes home to fresh loaves of bread. He eats them like potato chips! One slice is just never enough.

Since it is an all day process, when I bake bread I tend to make multiple loaves. All the breads I have experimented with so far start off with the same basic Egg Bread recipe: Flour, yeast, salt, milk, butter and eggs. Simple and easy.

From this...

to this! The waiting just about drives me crazy!!

Punching down the dough is so fun!

Yummy plain egg bread good for sandwiches and French Toast!
Same egg bread recipe this time with the addition of golden raisins.

Roll it flat after the second rise and spread a mix of cinnamon sugar on it. Roll it up like a cake roll and into the pans it goes.

It didn't call for it, but a simple powder sugar glaze on the cinnamon raisin bread turns it from a breakfast treat to an any time treat!

How beautiful is that?

Again, same recipe, this time though I divided the dough into six mosty equal parts and braided them. A swipe of melted butter and a few gajillion shakes of the cinnamon sugar shaker and we have a delicious cinnamon braid!

Next time I think I'll add cinnamon before I bake it too.


  1. awesome. when we finally get a place of our own, this is definitely something I want to do more often!

    1. Yummy and a great upper body workout, especially the arms!

  2. MMMMM...those loaves of bread look amazing (minus the raisins lol)! I wish I had the time and patience to make my own; there is nothing like homemade bread!

    1. Thanks! They were delicious and not very long lasting!