Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doll House

I can’t recall having a doll house when I was little. I had Barbie stuff and maybe a Barbie house, but not an old-fashioned doll house. And honestly, I can’t seem to recall a burning need for one either.

The other day as the girls and I were walking through Hobby Lobby, Cyra and Ashleigh both got fixated on the doll house aisle. They were in awe of all the miniature furnishings, chandeliers and little books with real pages. I admit it, they were pretty neat. My mom, many years ago, made a beautiful miniature Christmas tree with beaded branches, tiny little lights and itty-bitty ornaments that I’ve always loved. There’s just something about miniatures that is so appealing.

Back to Hobby Lobby and the girls oohing and aahing over each little package. I point out prices. They tell me it could be a long term project, spread the cost out over years. Something that we could all do together. I ask them where we would put it. Let’s get rid of the dog kennel and put it in that corner, they say.

For twenty minutes I cannot drag them out of this aisle. Sales people walk by asking if we need help with anything. I shake my head. Ashleigh asks if we would need to buy the kit or if we could just find plans online to make one ourselves. I sigh and explain that even if we found plans, we’d still have to buy the wood, the tools, the everything. Regardless of which way we do it, it is an expensive hobby.

Ashleigh sighs. “It would be cool to have one like the Bloggess,” she says.

“Yup,” I tell her. “Except ours would be more…sci-fi-ish…less Gothic.”

“Like a future house.” She says.

“That would be so cool,” Cyra says.

I already do so many crafts: scrap booking, crochet, cross-stitch, paint and weave…Each one expensive in their own way. And the girls are so mercurial in their hobbies and activities that I am hesitant to go all in with any one thing.

But still, a doll house of the future with little robots and hover craft would be awesome. Or maybe a medieval doll house with knights and princess about to get eaten by a dragon.


  1. I've gotten stuck on that aisle too - just once. Not going back! Way too tempting. Plus, I'd want to do something non-traditional - like a House of Ill Repute or something. You know, for my angels. ;)

    1. OMG!!! We now MUST do a House of Ill Repute!! We MUST!! I can already see the interior: plush velvet settees, thick shag rugs...naughty, naughty paintings on the walls and mirrors over all the beds!!