Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Traumatizing The Pets

Call me brave because that’s what I am. Yesterday I took all the critters in for the yearly vet visits. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? I have yet to find a new vet in the area so I brought them back to the old neighborhood. And because I didn't want to make the trip twice, I decided to take all of them at the same time. Factor in a 35+ minute drive – both ways – and the nearly two and a half hours in the office itself. Then all of a sudden I’m looking mighty brave!

"These smell really familiar."

Junie becomes even more concerned once the cats are trapped inside.

"Just wait," Zoe thinks, "One day you will regret this!"

Junie didn't know what to do with herself: pace, drool, whimper? She ended up alternatively licking my arm and licking Simone's carrier. Neither action seemed to help her panic disorder.

The cats are still not speaking to me and Junie hasn’t left her kennel except to go to take care of business outside. The grudges don’t bother me. They’ll eventually forget that I made them go to the doctor.

Except…Zoe and Junie both have raging ear infections which require antibiotic drops. In both ears. Twice a day. For two weeks.

I wonder how long that grudge will last?

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