Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twelve For Twelve - Check In 2

  1. Write every day.
- I am slowly getting back into the groove. I have been writing everyday, just not fiction writing. I’ve been blogging and doing some creative non-fiction pieces. I would love to blame something for this seemingly lackadaisical mentality, but in all honesty it boils down to I just haven’t been putting the effort into it. I’ve been focused more on the blogging and the crafting. And while writing is very important to me, I’ve allowed myself to push it aside and focus on other projects. A bit back I made a declaration to focus and produce, to hold myself accountable for my word counts. And it turns out I have real problems with time management. I get lost in a craft and before I know it half the day is over and I still have chores to do and errands to run.

  1. Post to my blog at least once per week.
- Totally on top of this one. I have posted virtually every day in February! Yay! It got a bit chore-like by the end of the month, but I am doing a March Photo a Day Challenge and then in April I am taking on Blogging A to Z. I am currently trying to decide on whether I am going to do a theme for April or just write as I get to it. The first week of April is spring break for us, so I will probably have those posts scheduled ahead of time.

  1. Resume my daily exercise routine.
- I wouldn’t count this as a “fail” this month but I certainly wouldn’t declare myself the winner, either. I started walking in the afternoons with Cyra and I am saving up my moneys to hopefully buy myself a bike soon! I miss bike riding and with my perfect mile loop, I can get in some good riding.

  1. Better eating habits.
- We’ll call this one a draw. Yes, I’ve been eating better foods…but…I’ve been snacking a lot instead of eating actual meals which defeats the purpose of calorie counting and keeping track. And even though I am snacking on what would be considered healthy snacks (fruits and low-fat yogurt) every calorie counts. I did so much better with this when I was working. I was busy all day and even if I was hungry, tough, because I didn’t have time to have a snack. Now, I get hungry and I can immediately satisfy myself. 

  1. Lose at least 50 pounds.
- Five pounds down…I should be doing better, but I’ll celebrate a five pound loss nonetheless.

  1. Organize my photographs chronologically.
- I still haven’t started this one yet, and I think that I probably won’t until later this year. As a goal it is one of the lowest priorities right now.

  1. Scrapbook more.
- I have been working on my 2012 Waiting For The Apocalypse scrap book a few pages at a time. I’m stuck on my Christmas layout, but while I’m mulling that over, I’ve moved into January photos and pages. So work progress. I’d like to try to get into the habit of printing pictures more often. Maybe that would encourage me to sit down with it more. Other than that, I need to get to work on the Birthday Fiesta O’ Fun: Minty Fresh Edition. Sara and I promised that before we had another BFOF, we’d finish the previous BFOF Scrapbook. August will be here in like five minutes so I need to get moving!

  1. Write actual letters to friends and family.
- This one I am pleased to say, yes! I’ve been doing this. I made cards and I’ve been sending them out – about one a week or so.

  1. Reinstitute Family Game Night.
- We’ve been doing this too except that we haven’t actually set a night in stone. Cyra has recently taken up a sport and Ashleigh has recently been involved in a drama production so it is hard to lock down a night for just family fun. Mostly it is all about the homework, the dinner and the rushing around. Recently, however, I was soundly whupped in a vicious game of Monopoly, where within just a few rounds, I had to bargain away my railroad to pay for rent! Yikes!

  1. Backyard homestead.
- It’s all about the money. You know? The money we don’t have. But, hopefully, this week, after rent is paid we will have about a hundred dollars to devote to getting my raised beds built. I already have the seeds (got those on sale at the end of the season last year) so I need to get a couple of seed starter thingies and the beds built and we’ll be good to go. We’ve also been talking about putting the chickens on hold for right now.

  1. Get my favorite recipes organized.
- I haven’t worked on this at all this month. Although I have tried a few new recipes out: White chocolate coconut scones = YUM!

  1. Travel.
The girls and I did a couple of (thankfully) short Girl Scout campouts and that was about it. We are planning a trip over spring break and then the one this summer. Those will be our big ones, but I’ve got a few ideas for some weekend day trips in March and April. Springtime really shines in Florida. Everything is blooming, it isn’t too hot yet and there aren’t many tourists!


  1. Not bad. Not bad at all, especially with two months down. You made small, reasonable changes and they're working out. Even where you think you've fallen short, you've still made incremental progress. I wouldn't get chickens, though. They're real @$$holes.

    1. Thanks, I feel pretty good about it all so far...except for the lack of chickens!

  2. Great goals, and it sounds like you're progressing at a healthy pace on all of them. I put off my chickens for a while too. I just can't do it yet.

    Good call on the bike. We have great ones at thrift stores here. I got one bike on Craigslist, but I spent more for my road bike. I love riding.

    I have been stressed about personal stuff so I totally pigged out Monday and Tuesday. I'm back on track today. I stress eat big time. Whatever. Today is a new day.

    1. Yeah I can understand the stress eating...Girl Scout cookies are tormenting me from the dining room right now.

      I'm researching the type of bike I want. I think a simple cruiser would be good, it isn't like I have to deal with hills or anything in Florida! :)

  3. Love the scrapbook goal and the fact that you called you 2012 album Waiting For The Apocalypse haha
    Glad to hear your keeping up with most, always feels so good!

    1. Thanks! I have to tell you the scrapbook makes me giggle every time I work on it!