Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Photos

Alright so these are older photos from December, but I figured that since Blogger and I were taking a break and all, I'd go pull some funny shots I would have shared if I could have.

Every year I buy a gingerbread house kit from Wilton. I know I might lose some of my baking cred here, but I really don't like gingerbread all that much and for me rolling out dough is a pain. The kits are relatively cheap, offer an afternoon of shenanigans (and yes, it always ends with shenanigans!), and the end result is a pretty "creative" center piece during the lead up to Christmas.

This year I got the mini village kit with four tiny houses and another kit to make trees. What started out are a serious endevour quickly degenerated into a nonpareil food fight with Ashleigh and I slinging sprinkles across the table at each other. Cyra was definitely not amused. In fact, she was so serious and determined to make her two houses perfect that she didn't even throw one sprinkle! And she yelled at us to "stop acting like children."

Jeesh. Ten year olds are so bossy.

This was our finished project. I used two lemon Starbursts and molded them into stars for the tops of my trees. Ashleigh and I got crazy with the decorating and ended up making a mess.

Notice how the right side looks as though it has been attacked by the Cake Boss if he had broken all his fingers and his arm in three places and was psychotic. Yeah. That's Ashleigh's side.

Now the problem with leaving out an edible decoration, we've discovered, is that our dog Junie likes to counter surf. Nothing is safe. And though she has gotton much better about behaving now that I watch her like a hawk all day and keep the counters and tables free from temptation, I knew that a tray laden with sweet cookies and icing would be her downfall. In order to keep our village safe, each night I would slip it into the oven.

Surely nothing could go wrong with that plan.

Nothing that is until a few days before Christmas when I forgot to take it out and preheated the oven for dinner...

A delicious sweet smell wafted out from the over as I was chopping up a pepper. And all of a sudden it dawned on me: The Village!

Pulling it out of the oven I couldn't help but laugh. Cyra came running out to see what was so funn an nearly burst into tears.

"It's okay," I told her. "Look, only the icing roads and my stars seem to be melty. It'll be fine."

Unless, of course, you're the dingbat who pops it back into the oven that night and promptly forgets about it until Christmas morning, when once again, the oven required some preheating. This time, however, distracted by the chaos of the morning, I didn't remember until I was about to put in the blueberry stuffed French toast.

"Cyra," I cried out, "I did it again!"

"MOMMY!" she hollered from the living room as she rushed into the kitchen shiny new presents temporarily forgotten. Her shoulders sagged a little in defeat and my mom stifled a giggle. I couldn't help it. I burst into laughter. Cyra glared at me for a second before running back into the living. She returned a few seconds later camera in hand.

"Here," she sighed. "You might as well take pictures of it."

One of Crya's houses completely collapsed, but the others stood up well.
My handmade stars, on the other hand, didn't fair as well.
The lesson? Always check inside your oven before you preheat it. Or maybe just don't store things in your oven in the first place.


  1. I just think it's awesome that you got to yell, "The Village!" So was it totally inedible? Someone had to take a bite of at least one of the "Cake Boss with broken hands and massive psychosis" gingerbread houses, right?

    1. Well, I'm sure the girls would have eaten it if I let them. I told them they had to wait since it was a decoration first. And then after the multiply cookings, it didn't look overly appetizing!

      Also, we tend to yell quite a few strange things out in our house.

  2. It's a valuable lesson in impermanence. And now you have a delicious toasty village to eat.

    1. I just wish the lesson hadn't come at the cost of our decorating. We really love to decorate for Christmas!

  3. These pictures make me want to make a gingerbread house next Christmas. The decorations were very pretty!

    1. Maybe someday I'll make my own attempt at gingerbread instead of buying a kit. And of course our results never come close to what the photos on the box look like!

  4. So awesome! We tried to build a gingerbread house and it collapsed on itself, killing an entire gingerbread family. A small service was held for them on Xmas eve... Where their bodies were promptly eaten. R.I.P. Despachio Family.



    1. Did you eat them all? Because gingerbread zombies would be kind of cute and delicious. I actually have cookie cutters that are called "ABC Gingerbread Men" - Already Been Chewed. Get it? Legs, arms and heads are missing. When we make them, they become our zombie cookies!