Monday, February 25, 2013

I Made It Monday

I've mentioned before how I am a gamer - I should clarify that though I play video games and board games, my love is tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and, of course, Pathfinder. For the past two plus years I've been playing in a single adventure path ("adventure paths" are self contained adventures that take a character from 1st level to a high level over the course of six interconnected adventures, hence, adventure path).

Two weeks ago my gaming group and I completed an entire adventure path. It is the first campaign I have ever finished. It was sad to see it end. Characters that we had developed over two years suddenly ready to retire and new characters and a new campaign to start. As sad as I was to see the old campaign come to a close I was excited to start a new one. Yesterday, my group started a new adventure path called Skull and Shackles in which we, the characters, get pressed into piracy.

I love pirates. I love pirate themed anything. And as it happens I also love to bake. Typically I make some kind of dessert, snack or treat for my guys each session. I spoil them really. But that's okay because I love baking so much that I can sometimes overdo things and having three extra guys in the house helps to take care of the food.

So this week for the start of the campaign I made my guys hardtack.


The dough was so sticky I had my doubts to whether I would actually be able to roll it out.
Now, I wanted my guys to actually eat the stuff so I didn't go with a traditional flour, water, salt recipe. I found one that called for oats, honey, and buttermilk. Again, not exactly hardtack, but...similar.

Interestingly enough I actually have a small round biscuit cutter.

The bottoms of the hardtack got a nice golden brown but the top remained a slightly pale shade of dough. "Dough" is a color, right?
Pretty, right?
These actually tasted pretty good. Although not technically "hard" the guys still got a chuckle out of it and Scott and the girls said they wouldn't mind some in their lunchboxes to snack on during the day. I'm definitely going to make these again but next time with a touch more honey and maybe some cinnamon or nutmeg.

And because I didn't want my guys to get stuck with scurvy (because who in their right mind would) I made a lemon wafer cookie. Oh my goodness this cookie was just about the most delicious lemon cookie I have ever made before.

A crisp buttery cookie with a tart lemon glaze. Yum!


  1. I assume when you say you love pirates you mean the Johnny Depp variety and not the Sudanese modern types. I've never played a tabletop RPG but oh how I want to. It's seemingly impossible though since most people have been playing for years and I'd bee a newby (n00b to the modern set). Those lemon wafers look great. I'm off to look up what hartack is!

    1. No not in the Johnny Depp or Sudanese way. More in the Errol Flynn and Douglass Fairbanks way. You know, back when men really knew how to buckle their swash!

      RPGs are plenty fun especially when you have a great group of people with you. And if their worth their dice, then most groups would welcome a newbie.

      The lemon wafers were so good that I am determined to make lime and orange ones as well.

  2. A lemon wafer sounds like just the thing to go with my coffee this morning. They look delicious!

    1. I think the lemon wafers are too dessert for morning coffee. The hardtack would work. Maybe if I made a lemon biscuit.

  3. I love RPGs. I haven't played one in a while though. You just inspired me.

    Also, I now need a cookie. :o)



    1. Cookies and games go hand in hand! I'm glad I was able to inspire.