Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo A Day - Work/Play

As I'm not employed right now I had a hard time trying to figure out a photo to fit today's theme. I could certainly take pictures of housework, groceries or cooking, but I've done that and frankly as much as I love it (except for folding socks! I hate folding socks!) it does get rather repetitive and boring. Could I possibly look at chores with a new eye, through the lens of a camera? Sure. Absolutely I could and that's one of the things that I like doing with the camera: taking the everyday stuff and giving it life.

But I have to admit (especially since this is a scheduled post) that I really wasn't up to it. I've spent the weekend running around, partying with Cyra (we played a mean game of  "don't let the balloon touch the floor") and in my few alone minutes I've been working hard at suppressing my growing panic about my surgery (which by the time this posts will have already happened).

So instead, I spent a few minutes combing through old photos that might have gotten overlooked and boy did I find some doozies!

So here is my take on work/play. Actually I should say here's Ashleigh's take because I found these overlooked beauties in one of her old photo folders. So, thank you Ashleigh for helping me out with today's post.

Clearly, Junie is getting ready for a tough day at the office here. She has her tie and collar and she is so very serious.

Day's done, time to Party! Who's up for the karaoke bar?


  1. Are those in color and it's just naturally black-and-white? Y'know what, don't tell me. Those are pretty great. The juxtaposition is nice.

  2. The second picture looks like he's laughing his butt off! HAHA!