Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photo A Day - Last Thing You Bought

Up until yesterday afternoon, I was afraid the only photo I would have for today would be of groceries. But luckily or maybe unluckily as I had to rush about and spend money, I had a camping gear emergency.

My eldest is off this weekend with her Girl Scout troop camping (although really, they get to stay in cabins so I question the whole "camping" terminology). As I was pulling out the gear she needed from the shed, I noticed that her mess kit looked rather rusty. She hasn't used it in a while since when we go family camping we use a set of heavy duty plastic dishes (which, oddly enough have a tendency to melt when piled with very hot, just-from-the-fire foods). I brought it into the house to wash ans sure enough many of the pieces were speckled with rust. I'm sure I could have corrected the problem if I had a sand blaster or some steel wool. Seeing as I had neither, I picked her up a little earlier from school and we headed to Gander Mountain.

I want to live in this store, I love it so much. And while we did get a new mess kit for her, we also ended up with a little flashlight and a wand-like glow stick. And some sporks*. And a fuzzy vest and jacket.

She didn't really need the flashlights but her joyful enthusiasm over the "magic wand" was contagious.

So shiny and red.

* I totally thought of Melanie over at Sporkin' On Down the Road when I was looking at the vast selection of sporks to choose from.


  1. Awww, shucks! I have that exact same spork at work that I eat my lunch with!!

    I LOVE that mess set. I love the speckled old school cookwear like that. Very cool. I kind of want one.

    1. I'm planning on added more pieces to the mess set as I really like the old school style as well. So much more durable than the plastic!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hate having to rush about to buy things though so I'm glad that they had what I needed.