Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh, Patrick Stewart! You Make Me Sad.

I won't say I'm a fan girl. I don't obsess. I don't squee. I have a healthy appreciation for certain celebrities and many of them are from geeky sci-fi like Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate. Things like that. Most of all I love Patrick Stewart. I liked him before Star Trek. I liked him after Star Trek. I like his bald head and I could listen to his snoozy British accent all day long.

But, I've got to say, I'm disappointed in the celebs right now. Yeah. Even Wil Wheaton who I praise up down left and right for his work on TableTop and other shows.

You see, here's the thing: I desperately want to go to a con. Dragon*Con. Gen Con. Even Comic Con. Scott is keen on getting to PaizoCon. We never have money to go. Sure we could afford the tickets if we budget carefully, but then add travel. hotel, and eating expenses in and there's no way. At least, not right now and probably not anytime soon. And for the most part, I'm okay with that.

Except for the case of MegaCon. MegaCon takes place in Orlando. Orlando, my friends, is not that far from here and we could conceivably make a say trip to go to at least one of the days. There are many great things to do and see at a convention and the panels this year sound fantastic! But one of the things I would love to do is get a chance to meet, greet and maybe get a photo of or with some of the celebs.

And guys, Patrick Stewart is going to be there this year! Shiny bald head and everything! And Wil Wheaton and Brent Spinner and practically every TNG cast memeber! It's like a freaking reunion! And I'd go. I swear I'd go. I'd find the money.


As I was scrolling though the Media Guest list, I started to notice something. Most every single actor charges for autographs and photos ops. Patrick Stewart? Charges $75 for and autograph! $85 and up for photo ops! I was outraged. Disappointed. Shocked and Appalled. The other starts aren't that much better. Most of them hover right around $40 and up. That's more than a one day ticket!

Now I have no idea whether conventions pay stars to appear or if they just agree to show up. I'm leaning towards "they get paid to appear." Do these stars, most of whom are still working and/or earning residuals, (I'm pretty sure that's the right term) need money that badly? I can't honestly believe that they are just appearing at a convention out of the goodness of their hearts or because they love it that much. Maybe they do and I'll be the first to write an apology if these guys get nothing for their time except what they make in autograph and photo op fees.

Sure nobody is forcing fans to cough up money to pay for an autograph, but come on! And I get that if they were just signing things willy-nilly they'd never get away but seriously, if you go to Disney, you only get to meet and get autographs from the characters at certain times of the day. Can't conventions do that? Give an couple one hour blocks scattered throughout the course of the day and that's that. If a fan misses out then it isn't the celebrity's fault, it's the fan's for not getting in line sooner.

Am I crazy for thinking this way? I'm all for making a buck! Heck, I could really make use of some buck making schemes here, but it just seems so...jaded and cynical and sad for celebrities to be charging fans for an autograph.

So yeah, I still love you guys, but I'm disappointed in you Patrick Stewart. You too, Wil.


  1. Yea.... I go to a lot of Horror Cons. And I always have to pay people to sign my mannequin parts. You would think those bastards would pay me!!

    The audacity of it all.



    P.s. I will be so super jealous if you meet everyone from Star Trek... So very, very jealous.

    1. Dude! I'd be jealous of me for meeting the cast! Maybe I didn't emphasize my love of Patrick Stewart enough!

      And really if I say you carrying around mannequin parts and I was a star I totally would chase you down and sign it. I'm not sure I could handle a horror con. I bet zombies wander all over the place, don't they?

  2. That's why I never pay for autographs. I love cons, but I'm really there for the panels. I don't need to pay seventy five dollars to get an autograph that I'll probably just stick in a drawer anyway.

    1. If I did get a photo or an autograph I'd probably display it since I don't make a big effort to seek out such things, you know? As I've been looking more at MegaCon, I think the panels would be awesome - a lot of them have a focus on the TNG cast so I'd still be able to see them. But still. I almost wish I had the money to go so I could then say "Nope! I'm boycotting those stars that charge the fans for a lousy autograph!"

  3. I was part of a group that hosted a Batman convention on the 30th anniversary of its debut on television. We had Adam West (Batman) and Frank Gorshin (Riddler). We had to pay them to be there and they still charged for autographs and pictures. We also had ECW wrestlers, Elvira, and several types of performers. EVERYONE got paid.

    They make bank.

    1. So you pay them to show and they rake the fans over the coals. How does that even make any sense? Especially considering that we shell our money for their movies and TV shows on DVD and then have to upgrade to Blu-Ray, we pay for movie tickets and convention tickets. Do they have to pay their own travel expenses or does the con take care of that for them?

    2. We paid for their travel and put them up in a motel.