Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Photos

On their birthdays I encourage the girls to choose an activity for us to do. A few years ago it was camping. Camping in November and then again in January. Fun but cold. For Cyra's birthday this past November she opted for bowling.

There are three things that we know about bowling:

1. We love it!
2. We rather stink at it.
3. Scott isn't allowed to partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Period.

How much polish do those floors get and can I get someone to do my floors like that?


Is there a rule that all bowling alleys are a bit on the grungy side? I don't mind really, for the most part, but come people! GooGone is a major staple! Also there was a huge label on this ball return warning of the dangers of sticking your hand in the hole to retrieve the ball yourself. (Did that just come out naughty? Or am I just being thirteen again?)

I love racks of things. Guns, books, crafts, antlers, bowling balls. I especially love how all the balls gleam under the lights.

Heh heh. Gleaming balls.

I am the first to admit my immaturity.

And finally, my little decade old peanut with her big feet. Rather like a puppy I think! Big feet and gangly legs, she's got tallness in her genes and boy! are her growth plates working overtime lately. She can wear a ladies size 7 shoe and she is nearly as tall as I am.

Yeah, I bet you caught on to the date of these photos. November. Yup. I admit it. I pulled old photos. Ancient ones really. Almost four months old. But to be fair and honest, the past few weeks have been boring photo-wise.


  1. My favorite part of bowling is the shoes. I know the concept is kind of gross, but that design is the best. Also, I don't know, but you may have set the record for double entendres set in a bowling alley.

    1. I like bowling shoes too. I try not to think about all the other feet that have been in them. If I bowled more often I might considering investing in my own pair.

      As for the double entendres...I think I could have managed a few more but this is a family friendly blog! :)

  2. I love the shoes too. I've always wanted to steal a pair of really rank ones. I'm not sure why... But I think I could rock the frak out of them.



    1. Really? Steal icky ones? That's just a touch bit on the creepy side. But, what the heck! To each his own! That's my motto!

  3. Love the humor! My mind was totally not going there, but you took it there. Haha! :)

    Stopping by via A to Z - I will be back periodically to check in and say hello! I am one of Arlee's helpers, so if you have any questions about it, feel free to holler my way!

    ~Alana @

    1. I think I have an innate talent to go from sweet and innocent to dirty old geezer in a nanosecond!

      Thanks for stopping by and sticking around!

  4. Bowling alleys are the same everywhere, aren't they? Looks like great fun had by all!

    1. They are but I think that's the charm of them, you know? You can go anywhere in the country and feel right at home and comfortable in any bowling alley!