Tuesday, August 14, 2012


You know how when you haven't seen a friend in a while and then you see them and say something innoccuous like, "Oh yeah, I'll totally give you a call next week and we'll get together" and then a week passes and you think, "Hey! I need to call so-and-so," but you don't because you get distracted by everyday living and other shiny things.

And then another week slips past.

And then a few weeks become a month or longer.

And then you kind-of feel awkward about picking up the phone to call because, really, did you actually have a valid reason for not calling? And how do you explain you couldn't call because...you know...laundry and junk.

So more time passes and it gets easier to justify not calling but you feel like a total heel because you are supposed to be friends.

And then other people tell you you really need to call so-and-so because they miss you and you feel even more like a tool.


Blogging is like that.

Exactly like that.

But stay tuned, my friends, I am writing again. Finally. And recent fun has resulted in a better mood and a lifting of the funk curtain that has been blocking the sun.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ken. I've a lot of catching up to do!

  2. Hahahah. This totally made me laugh because life happens. I have missed you. Glad to see a post up.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully, I won't go as long between posts again!

  3. Yayeah. yes, you have been missed and yes, will look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you! I've missed everyone too!!

  4. YOU'RE BACK!!!! :o) I was starting to get worried!

    So glad you're ok!



    1. I'd have been worried too - I mean I do live in Florida and apparently the Zombie Apocalypse started here a while ago.

      You'd save me right?

    2. You can count on it!!! You just have to survive til I get there... But Jersey isn't THAT far, right? ;o)

      Glad to see that you are better!

  5. Hah! It is amazing what a Birthday Fiesta o Fun and a bottle of booze will do for ya...