Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Photos

Yay! Friday Photos Returns! Triumphantly? Well...maybe. This week I am featuring photographs of games that we have played over the past few months.

Monopoly is one of our favorites, unfortunately since it always takes us forever to play, we often never declare a winner. Scott won't play this with us because once (a really freaking long time ago) my mom and I cheated taking money from the Bank when he went to use the bathroom. Jeesh! It wasn't like we were going to win anyway! He had hotels on every side!

Risk is another game Scott doesn't often play with me. I'm working on a blog post about it...but let's just say, for now, no one like screaming jihads. Even when its only little plastic army pieces.

I'm green and I totally own South American. All those drug lords are working for me now! (Umm...not really okay? Remember it's just a game - so if there are any drug lords reading my blog...I totally Do Not Own You...or any property in South America at all. I've never even been there!)

Clue is one of my all time favorite games. Mostly because I win. A lot. It is one of the few games that I can consistently win. And that makes me supremely self-satisfied.

I love this photo because it took about twenty shots to actually capture the die bouncing across the board so perfectly. Sometimes awesome shots just happen...sometimes you need to make them happen!
Also this is me winning. I always play Colonel Mustard. Always. And I love it when I am the suspect!

A few years ago, Scott and the girls got me Munchkin for Christmas and every so often they add a booster pack. We have so many Munchkin cards it is almost impossible to play with them all. Up until June of this year, we always played with post-it notes to track our levels. But then I watched this episode of TableTop (and if you aren't watching Geek & Sundry - SHAME ON YOU!) and lo and behold, they played Munchkin on an offical Munchkin board! I didn't even know those existed. Being crafty and perpetually short on cash, the girls and I made our own board! And we use our D&D miniatures as our tokens!

The object is to get from level 1 to level 10 by defeating monsters. It's a spoof of D&D and it makes me laugh every single time we play. The girls and I try to gang up on Scott because if he is playing, somehow he always wins!

The more I look at this, the cooler it gets. Now, I wonder if I can add a 3D effect to the board...maybe some pop-up walls and doors that really open?

More recently, during the Birthday Fiesta O' Fun (I swear on all that is holy, unholy and only slightly sacred I will be posting about this soon) Sara and her husband introduced the girls and I to Settlers of Catan. I vaguely knew about the game, but I hadn't ever played before. But I have to say...I am pretty sure that Santa will be bringing this to Someone because Holy Monkey Butts was it fun. They had the travel edition which seemed friendly albiet a bit small, so I'd be interested in playing a full sized version!

Also during the Birthday Fiesta O' Fun we played a game Sara got me for my birthday: Zombies!!! Trapped in a town infested with Zombies you have to make your way from the Town Square to the Helipad killing zombies and backstabbing other players to do it. Along the way, if you can make it, different stores have bullet and life tokens that will increase your chances to survive.

Players build the town as you go so often the town itself makes no sense whatsoever!

Fighting zombies is mandatory, but luckily only one zombie can occupy any one space - so no crazy hoards piling up on top of you. 

Sara taught me how to play Cribbage just about forever ago. When she went to Japan, I was Jonesing to play so I taught Ashleigh. We don't play it as much as I played with Sara (which was very nearly all the time) but it is a highlight of my day when we do play.

Ashleigh already off to a strong lead!

Coming into the home stretch...Ashleigh still in the lead and even though it was my crib, she had a really strong finally hand and took the game! Curses!


  1. I've heard about Settlers so many times but never had the opportunity to play. On the other hand, I've seen people play Cribbage, but every time I ask how to play, the players condescend and basically tell me I'm too dumb to learn, so I would love to learn...if only an enterprising and generous blogger would teach me how so I don't have to Google because I am lazy...

    1. Settlers of Catan was actually pretty fun. Lots of wheeling and dealing needed in order to win. And actually, I'm thinking about opening a Game School so I'd be happy to teach you how to play Cribbage...or any game at all for the super low price of a gajillion dollars and 95 cents. Plus, if you sign up now, I can also make julienne fries!

  2. Our family's favourite game is Billionaire. It's loud and there's lots of snatching involved ... so really it's like any other evening in our house.

    1. I've never heard of Billionaire. I'm always looking for more games to play, so I'll have to check it out!

  3. What a fun post!! How refreshing to see families engaged in actual board games that don't require batteries and a controller. Way cool.

    I will have to give Settlers of Catan another shot - tried it last Feb. with friends and felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. Why couldn't I grasp that game? Argh.

    Love this post!! SO glad you're back!

  4. I have heard about Monopoly. It is called Business out here and I used to be the bank. I never let anybody cheat and I was the worst player so they made me handle all the finances :)
    Love this post for the sheer fun of getting to know about so many things.

  5. We have a Zombie game called "Last Night on Earth". But we haven't exactly learned to play it yet. However, I'm not allowed to play Monopoly anymore... Not since the board flipping incident of '98.

    Nobody buys Park Place on my watch... NOBODY!!



  6. OH MY GOD. When Scott and I played Risk as kids, I would beat him all the time and he would get soooo maaaad. In retrospect I kind of get it because I was a little snot and probably gloated like nobody's business. I'd forgotten all about that until now. How funny.