Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine

Does "Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning" count if you are on land or if the sky is more pink then red?

Sometimes, I wish my backyard had a few less trees in it so I could have captured more of the sunrise. Be that as it may, it was a beautiful scene to wake up to.


  1. My grandmother always used to recite that poem, and now that I'm married to a sailor, I always think of it when the sky is red. Bad seas or not, it's a beautiful sight.

    1. My grandmother and dad said it all the time too. I like the Farmer's Almanac type sayings like that. The wooly catapiller one...things like that. It seems more...natural? Less "Doppler" and more "pay attention to your environment."

  2. Yes. I grew up in farm country and my grandfather always had an Almanac. What was it, if there are lots of dark wooly worms, the winter was going to be bad? Of course, now that I'm trying to remember them they aren't coming to me, but later on today, it will pop into my head.