Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Photo

It is no secret that the girls and I love camping. Lately, because of budget constraints, we haven't been able to go much so I jumped at the chance for Cyra and I to go on the yearly service unit camp out with our Girl Scout troop. By the end of the weekend, I remembered why I don't often go on Girl Scout campouts: too structured, too crafty, too many people. But aside from that, the weather was amazing for January and the camp itself is nice.

On Saturday evening, the girls peer pressured me into rolling down a grassy hill. I spent the rest of the weekend recovering.

Each "camp site" had it's own name. Lonestar was about a half mile (give or take) from the main lodge. Of course, neither Bill Pullman or his Winnebago were no where to be found.

Our camp site had platform tents, cots and indoor plumbing. Not exactly "primitive" camping but it worked out well.

This live oak was at the back of our site. Just behind it is a fire circle. I had the girls climb up so I could get some nice photos of them (I won't post them since they show children other than my own). In terms of Girl Scout rules, it was a big "no-no."

Looking up through the branches of the live oak.

I'm not sure the name of this lake but it was very quiet and peaceful. The girls and I found deer and raccoon tracks along the water's edge.

Sad, lonely boat. I wanted to take it and give it a nice home...but Cyra said stealing is not the Girl Scout way. I tried to counter that the Girl Scouts weren't "using their resources wisely" but she didn't believe me.

More water craft stored for the winter in the boat house. I could have easily fit one on my car.

The pond by the main lodge. Directly behind me is the dreaded hill I was forced to roll down!


  1. Amazingly, I could swear that I actually stayed in Lonestar when I was a kid. I have no idea where the photos from that time period are, I'll have to see if Dad has them floating around somewhere in Virginia.

    1. That's right! Scott reminded me that you were a Girl Scout! Weird that your nieces are camping where you did once, huh?