Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plight of the Computerless (UPDATED)

Remember that time a few weeks ago when I said I'd keep blogging because I wasn't burnt out or anything like that after the A to Z challenge?

Yeah. I didn't lie, but all of a sudden I became slightly more computerless than I was before. You know back when I had a computer to use and all.

Long story short, I finally got around to installing the new cd/dvd drive my sister got me for Christmas (yes, it took me nearly five months to do it. I'm lazy, remember?) and wouldn't you know it, that even though it only took me about ten minutes to install, I apparently screwed up something somewhere, because the second I turned it on, I got the blue screen of death.


So off to the Computer ER I rushed with my ancient tower. And, well...I confiscated my daughter's laptop in the meantime, but I'm taking this time to go a little unplugged. It's nice. And some projects around the house are actually getting done. Amazing what one can accomplish without the Internet to entertain me!

Hopefully, the computer techs will be able to fix whatever I screwed up and I'll be up and running again sometime next week. Until then, My Friends, I'll be putzing around the house and garden - have I mentioned my garden yet? No? Well, just wait!



Seriously, folks, I got my computer back and they techs were all like..."Um it's $40 bucks and we couldn't find anything wrong anywhere. We had it running all day. No blue screen. No weird noises. Nothing."

Okey Dokey.

So , YAY! Computer! Although they did mention that it was a rather old computer. Old? It's barely five...but I guess in computer years that's about 4,724 years old. Guess that will need to get budgeted in sooner or later.


  1. The blue screen of death, not nice. Hope it gets fixed quickly for you.

  2. Oh, that's too bad, Heather. I hope soon you will not be so computerless. That whole business of being productive in the real world is bound to get old really fast.

    Tell them to check the wires and stuff. You know, inside the computer. And the microchips. I'm not a computer expert, but I bet it has something to do with those.

  3. Oh no; I hate the blue screen of death! Hope everything gets sorted out quick!

  4. Oh no! The blue screen of death! I've never had it but that's always scary. My computer only had to go to the ER once, for viruses when my thingy failed to protect my poor laptop.

  5. My computer has been threatening to die lately. I probably should be proactive and go buy a new one, but since I don't have lots spare cash just sitting around, I instead pray for computer health :)

    But I've been gardening, too! I've never been into it before, but suddenly this year it's appealing to me. Weird. But at least my yard is gonna look pretty :)

  6. Ugh!!! There's nothing more frustrating than a broken computer. Hope it gets fixed soon!!

    However being unplugged is nice too. Everyone needs some time off.