Friday, June 29, 2012

Debby Does My Yard

When we first moved in to our house, we were excited by the prospect of having a pond out front. Unfortunately, the pond at the time was little more than a muck hole because of the severe drought conditions that Florida has recently gone through. Unsurprisingly, Tropical Storm Debby and Tropical Storm Beryl have helped alleviate the dried up pond.

Debby did a bit more than fill up the pond though and we are lucky that we didn't have the amount of flooding that others in the state suffered - washed out roads, rivers exploding over their banks. Despite Florida's need for rain, this was not exactly the way we wanted the problem solved.

During a break in the rain, I was able to snap a few photos of the pond.

Just a few minutes later the rain started up again and within ten minutes the yard was flooded...again.

I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the neighbor's yard in this one. Their yard is virtually flat and it was nothing but water.

I wonder if all this water will take care of the fire ants and moles...

The next set of photos are from after the storm passed and the sun broke through the clouds.

Those ripples? 50 gajillion tadpoles just eating and growing and plotting.

This was the high water mark. I was amazed that the water level dropped so quickly after the storm. That might be a testament to how low the aqueduct levels are but I'm not waterologist so don't quote me on that!
Junie very much appreciates having a pond...Guess how many bathes she'll be getting in the coming weeks?


  1. I loved the after storm pictures that you posted.

  2. When the sun comes back out in full force, the colors are just going to explode!

    Isn't that squish squish sound when you walk across the yard the coolest thing? :)

    1. The squish is best in bare feet, with mud between the toes. So carefree and childlike!

  3. Ooooh, it's going to be so green at your house once all that water absorbs. And you're going to have some noisy ass frogs! :)

    1. Holy Moly! "Going to HAVE??" Already here! I rue the day when those little tadpoles get their legs and come out hopping because I will never again get to sleep at night.