Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Photos

Crafts Attack!!

September through December are ridiculously busy for me each year. Between crafting for Christmas and NaNoWriMo (post on that coming soon), birthdays and holidays, I often find myself snatching craft time when I should be doing other things or working on two or more crafts simultaneously because one needs to dry between coats.

A few days ago I found myself darting between two projects - both of which, unfortunately are super top secret so no photos and no actual descriptions of said projects. Although really? Just wait until December 26th and then I'll have about three months of "I Made It Mondays" ready to go!

So while I was darting between a dining room project that involved mod podge, a living room craft with yarn, and trying to squeeze in some kitchen cleaning time I grabbed for the mod podge and...well...

Craftastrophe struck!

Lucky for me I hadn't yet put the project in front of me. I was just setting up for a second coat.

This stuff is washable, right?

Man! My mom's table! She's gonna kill me!

Have I learned a lesson?

Yup. Make sure the cap is actually on the jar before grabbing it while drinking tea and not actually looking at what I'm doing.

The lesson I still haven't learned?

Focus on one project at a time.

Sorry. That just will never happen. I get way too bored, way too quickly. No. I take that back. I don't get bored with the projects. I just know I have so many in progress that I can't just wait for glue to dry without having something else to do. Sara yells at me for this all the time. Well, not this exactly, but she has never understood why I can't just sit and do nothing occasionally. I've got to have something to do. And I can totally pin that one on my Mom.

Back to work!


  1. Haha! You are ADHD crafter. That is exactly how I suspect I would be. I'd have to have a scarf going, a collage, some paintings half done....

    I was happy when I saw this post.

    1. ADHD Crafter...hmmm that might make a good super hero name. Gluing at light speed, crocheting will leaping tall buildings, pre-scrapbooking photos I haven't yet taken! Do I get my own comic book?

  2. I had to look up what "mod podge" is to truly understand the scope of your disaster. Unfortunately I don't have the same craft gene that you do. Have fun crafting even if there are the occasional whoopsies, I'd say your creations outweigh what you accidentally destroy.

    1. You might not have the same craft gene but I would put money on you having some sort of super hero ability. You are far too cool to not have one!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I must have taken about 50 gagillion shots before I got a good one!! Butterflies are so...flitty!

  4. I'm the same way. I like focusing on numerous things. I also drop things a lot. :0)



    1. I like having a lot of balls in the air (to throw in some juggle jargon - yeah, that's right I can juggle too!)!