Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Photos

On the 4th of July, I took the girls on an official tour of Flagler College.

The front entrance to the school. This leads into the Rotunda.

The west bell tower. Back in the hotel days it served as a water tower.

Detail of a decorative fountain do-dad on the outside of school.

Detail of the shells surrounding the front entrance. Flagler built the hotel with three themes: Spanish, Nautical and Lions.

I actually learned something new on the tour - the fountain in the center courtyard serves which serves as a working sundial and also represents the twelve seasons and signs of the zodiac (which I knew) ALSO was designed to resemble the hilt of a sword - which is the part I never knew.

The dome of the Rotunda.

One of the 8 women painted around the Rotunda - each represents a different thing. Four represent the four stages of Spanish exploration and four represent the elements. This one is Water.

More women (I think the same women) surround the ceiling in the dining hall. Each represents the four seasons. This is Winter.

One of the many Tiffany stained glass windows in the dining hall.

Fall on the left and Summer on the right.

In the Flagler Room which houses furniture and art original to the hotel. No flash photography so the pictures in here didn't turn out as well.

Two of the evil cherubs on the ceiling in the Flagler room. The room was originally the Ladies Lounge and is very feminine with all the Tiffany blue on the ceiling, crystal chandeliers and demonic cherubs that watch your every movement.

The fireplace in the Flagler room.

Detail of the clock.
 The last two photos are lamps that flank the entrance to the dining hall. I never gave them much thought when I was going there, but they really are beautiful in an extravagantly creepy sort of way.

It occurs to me that I didn't take many...any "traditional" photos: looking into the Rotunda or the dining hall, things like that. Maybe I'll add some more later.


  1. Love 'em. Colleges are so often beautiful places with wonderful architecture. But why is the cherub clutching a bunny? Terrifying.

    1. I loved the history of the college when I went there, but after the first month or so, I started taking it for granted. Going on the tour really helped remind me of how truly awe-inspiring the place is.

      And that was just ONE of the many evil cherubs. Seriously, the whole ceiling is popping with them.

  2. Oh my, this is so beautiful. So vintage, so classic.

  3. That lamp statue would be kick ass in my bedroom! ;o)

    Awesome pics!



    1. I wonder if they make replicas of them? That would be cool!

  4. What a beautiful collection of photos!! Love the shell decor!

    1. The shells are scattered throughout the college - doorknobs, mosaic tiles, artwork. It is really pretty.

  5. This looks amazing, the picture of the detail of a decorative fountain (the face) is soooo pretty!