Monday, May 11, 2009

Quiet Monday

Today was just a quiet day. The bug that caught Ashleigh last week finally settled in on Cyra and we stayed home today. So what did I do?
  1. cuddled
  2. played Neverwinter Nights (a new addiction that I totally blame on Scott)
  3. played Sims
  4. played Neverwinter Nights because there isn't any blood and gore in Sims
  5. laundry
  6. smiled when after telling Cyra to take a nap and she insisted she wasn't tired she passed out for most of the afternoon
  7. played Neverwinter Nights
  8. cleaned the kitchen
  9. played Neverwinter Nights
  10. cooked an awesome dinner - cheddar ranch burgers with ceaser salad and mac and cheese
  11. played Neverwinter Nights
  12. cuddled
  13. more laundry
  14. played Neverwinter Nights
  15. more cleaning of the kitchen
  16. blogged
  17. cuddled

So, a highly productive day in my honest opinion! And a very nice end to a now five-day weekend! I'm back to work tomorrow before my boss freaks out on me and little Cyra, if she is still yicky (which I don't doubt she will be) will hand out with Mom.

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