Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

So a new year begets a new venture: I’m now blogging.

I tried my hardest to come up with something witty, intelligent or at the very least meaningful to me for my first post yesterday. I drew a blank all day long. I’d start typing and think: Pretentious. I’d talk to my husband and kids hoping that they’d inspire me to write something. Nope.

So here it is the second day of the New Year. 2009. It feels just like 2008 and maybe that’s why I had such a hard time yesterday. I’ve thought about it and I don’t really count my years from January to December. Yes, I know that is technically the correct way but when we were growing up, as kids our years went from September to August. And now that I’m grown and I’m still in school (as a teacher of course) my year still follows that pattern, except that in Florida the school year goes August to June (summer running from the second week of June to the third week of August).

So does it surprise me now that even though I am not a student I still have the student schedule? Not at all. And besides I kind of like it.

One of my dreams? Become a professional student – and really what is a teacher but a student who grew up.

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